Faith Shamley-Dance

Dance Instructor: Faith Shamley Hip Hop Dance Jazz Dance Contemporary Dance Faith Shamley has a great Passion for her Art form of Dance. Her immaculate dance form, vast energy and spirit shows her professionalism, quality, and skills in dancing. She has performed in many local and state wide events over the years. Faith has great [...]

Urhonda Dakota-Instructor

Piano Voice Acting Instructor: Urhonda Dakota Singer/Songwriter Choir Director/Musician Music Producer Actor Urhonda has over 25 years of experience teaching Music by Piano, Songwriting, Producing, Voice, and Directing Choirs. She has function as musician, psalmist for several local churches in her community and performed in musical events. in the playing experience,4 music album/projects out on online [...]

Shadia Damar-Instructor

Modeling Instructor Pageantry 1st Place Queen Winner Fit For  Queen Model Ambassador Model Mangement Group Shadia takes pride and confidence in her ability to teach the modeling techniques she has learned over the years to others. She is friendly, very outgoing, instructional and able to connect with her students of all ages. View her Youtube Channel