EverLasting Talent Network

Join Our Network of Instructors, Advisors, Businesses, Youth Organizations, Churches, Sports & Recreation Friends, Family, and Interested persons. We welcome your kind donations to support our youth. Many youth would love the opportunity to take classes in music, vocal, drama, dance, and modeling. Unfortunately, many lack the funds to do so. You can help by donating to our EverLasting Talent Scholarship for Arts Youth Program.

Step1. Simply Donate with a minimum of $10.00, Or you can offer a comparable discount for our students. Simply email us your discount coupon description for our students at info@EverlastingTalent.org

Step2. Simply email us at info@EverlastingTalent.org a short business listing information and/or a link of a picture or video of your services. After receiving your donations and/or discount coupon description we will review your content and upload your video and/or a business listing for one month on our website. You will receive a receipt for your records along with a thank you letter from your sponsored student.

Thank you for your support.

Disclaimer: EverLasting Talent is not liable for any services rendered,  the learning or the lack there of, or relationship created by contributing companies that are listed in our network. Viewers use at their discretion. Videos and/or listings on this site are intended for general instruction, guidance, and advertisement of the sponsors.